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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware ving news program. with rick williams, sara d murphy.d afterno a young man is shot and killed near the drexel university campus. we have more on the accused gunman now in custody. and the man accused of a templey face a judge. we have detm his story is theabrupt firing from nbc. the "today" show anchor was ousted from his job after someone accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior in
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the workplace. >> reporter: the process was quick and swift. and nbc says that the information was brought monday evening and barely one day later and the network has already taken action. >> good morning breaking news overnight. matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. >> matt lauer's today show c samantha guthrie has released the information on air. >> our colleague came forward reporting violation. >> and according to an nbc spokesperson his accuser is saying inappropriatel behavior since 2014. >> how do you recollect -- lauer's abrupt departure leaves people sho >> a friend of 30 years and we
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are all trying to process is. >> president trump was quick to tweet about his conduct. and he is facing problems of his own. he calls the women liars. >> and lauer's firing comes one week after charlie rose was fired from cbs after several women came to the "washington post" with allegations of being sexually harassed by the anchor. >> the mood aro like there has been a death in the family. the announcement came out of nowhere. back here police in philadelphia have made an arrest in a deadly shooting at the drexel university campus a young man was gunned down after what witnesses described as a heat police department argument and jeanette reyes is live now with the details. >> rick police tell us that the suspected gunman is in custody this afternoon.
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meanwhile witnesses tell us this is an argument between a couple that took an unexpected turn when a third person got involved and pulled out a gun. >> screaming. screaming crying over top of his body. resident as long the 3500 block of lancaster avenue woke up to the chilling screams of a woman. >> and all of a sudden a heard a younger voice screaming and i looked outside and saw her laying on top of the guy's body. >> the 21-year-old man was dead and the 22-year-old girlfriend a drexel student was sobbing over his lifeless body and just minutes before the two were having a heated argument. the man was face-to-face with this girl. >> and the girl had hands in the pocket and the only thing i heard the man saying was you are stupid and you are dumb. those were my friends. it sounds like a jealousy argument to me. >> kylie strong was on her way to work and saw things take an unexpected turn.
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>> the man started to walk away and the stranger confronted the man i'm assuming to have words on how he spoke to the woman but they got into a pushing argument and put hands on each other and the guy with the gun backed up and pointed the gun and fired three times. >> the victim was shot in the chest. heidi watched in horror from her apartment window as the woman cradled her boyfriend's body. >> she wouldn't let go of him. >> drexel campus police arrived within minutes after hearing the gunshots and arrested the shooter. the victim was transferred to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> detectives tell me they did talk to the girlfriend overnight and she was intoxicated and difficult to get the facts straight. they are still working on that and the investigation is ongoing, but we know that the suspected gunman had a permit to carry. channel 6 "action news."
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protesters are calling for change after the death of a bicyclist in center city. 24-year-old emily fredericks was killed when her bike collided with a dump truck. they demanded more protection for the city's bike lanes and the truck driver involved in the crash and is cooperating with the investigateors and no charges have been filed. and in court now for a preliminary hearing. witnesses are testifying about what they said happen add the end of the august. 29-year-old allegedly murdered jena burley and dumped her body on his grandfather's property. she was last seen leaving a bar near campus with him. and the neighbor that called 911 after hearing screaming is in court. and that burley died of blunt
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force trauma. he denied all allegations against him. two 16-year-olds are accused of leading police on a chase in a stolen car. video from the traffic camera shows what happened when the driver lost control and slammed into the concrete barrier and the vehicle burst into flames and the teenagers were rushed to childrens hospital. they followed the car from delaware county on to northbound 95 and happened near the exit ramp in south philadelphia. turning to accuweather as we get a taste of spring in late november. lets look live outside sky 6 hd showing you the view of the pretty christmas tree at philadelphia city hall but the conditions are on the mild side. not feeling very december like at all. karen rogers has the first check of your forecast. nobody is really complaining though. >> i forgot to tell you this is your christmas present rick when you don't get anything else -- >> you got keep it it's a
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beautiful day. it's satellite 6 along with action radar and clear skies and clouds try to fill in from the west and falling apart as they move through though. just a few batch of high clouds moving through the city and this is associated with a weak front pulling through and shifting the winds a bit. wait until you see the temperatures, we have new numbers at lunch time here. it's already 62 degrees in both allentown and reading and you started there in the low 30s. and below freezing in the lehigh valley and you jumped up 30 degrees, to 62. and 65 in wilmington and 65 in dover and 56 in cape may. and 62 in millville. and 64 degrees in atlantic city. temperatures well above average and they will be rising for the next couple of hours and then we see the temperatures fall as the winds shift to the northwest. 2:00, 61 degrees second quarter a day mostly sunny and beautiful. get out and try to enjoy it. and 2:00, 58 under mostly sunny
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skies and 6:00 you are in the low 50s and 8:00 48 degrees, tonight is going be colder than last night. tomorrow morning's bus stop is chillier. tonight upper 30s in the city. you know it's a great day to do decorating. whether you prepare for santa or hanukkah coming up. get outside and do outdoor work you want or take your kids to story book land. nice and mild. it doesn't stay that way. >> thank you karen. as always you can keep up with changes to the forecast on your phone or tablet including real time views from storm tracker 6, the app is a free download. in washington president trump is vowing more penalties against north korea after that country fired its most powerful weapon yet. leaders claimed they launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile and it landed in the sea of japan and they
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believe it's capable of reaching the u.s. east coast and they are threatening the north with additional sanctions. >> and the president is dealing with another personal controversy with his twitter accounts. this morning he retreated videos from a far right pol significance, it shows violence being committed by muslims and the council condemned the president for giving the videos a bigger platform. he has yet to explain why he sent the videos to his 44 million followers. >> the man arrested with a connection of deadly shootings in tampa, florida. >> now is the chase to own a piece of papal history are. how you can own the vehicle owned by pope francis in philadelphia. >> karen rogers is back with a closer look at the second day forecast. when "action news" continues in
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a moment.
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we have breakings now fromter jersey, exit 40 fortrash truck here we are told it caught on you can see emergcy crews on e. 42 in gloucester township. the fire is under control lookslike they put foamn itell. but there are traff the area.r t expr i itor this . a fee relief in tampa, florida after police theyaugh serial kil t terrorizing howell donaldson all of the sho october. police say a tip from a coworker at mcdonald's led to the suspect. he is behind bars but police don't have a motive in the deadly spree. there is clues for a missing girl in north carolina. police released photos with a woman with a child. and they are concerned that the
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child could be mariah wood. she was spotted a few hours after mariah disappeared from her home in jacksonville. >> police in reno jeffnevada fired shots from a hotel room. nobody was struck by the gun fire and ironically the gunman in october's massacre in las vegas once owned a unit in the same complex. the suspect has not yet been identified. a 26-year-old man is today thanks to three htour screen where aarengulag on a connecticut highway, other commuters were trying to help when a trio of state troopers found the driver tr>> so the operator who had been knocked around from the crash and actually wedged underneath the dash board and steering wheel. the troopers made a decision to reach in and grab the man and pull and pulled him away from
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the car and fire. the driver is expected to be okay. still to come there are plans to build a giant new sports complex for local children. we have the details coming up. the reason for going to new heights. this skydiving stunt in south philadelphia.
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health check at of d surngy ef marijuana on henor tf dogs.elps them with anxiety and
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pain and d cause the animals to get high. fedex is their flying delivery fleet. these new cessnas will help bring packages more quickly. they can haul 6,000 pounds of cargo and they plan to buy 60 of them to start. and the city of wilmington is getting a massive sports complex. known as the 76ers field house, they are designing it to be the state's premier center for youth sports. the sixer's abc league will playome games there.> there is a brand new professional s tow went to great heights the reveal. a professional skydiver descended from the wells fargo center to unfurl the new lacrosse league franchise. the philadelphia wings were displayed on the banner carried by the skydiver much to the excitement of fans that chose the new name and logo.
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the owner had an online poll asking sports fans to submitsuggestions for a name and after 7,000 online votes the wings won. if that name sames familiar that was the name o lacrosse team thad to connecticut three years ago. the new wings make their deb next is working on news stories today beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> he'll breakdownt buys that you shouldoth before and after the holidays plus we'll tell you what you are going taying more for in dece the best andngg upt's the deal. we'll break it down c in the nex hour we'll join you in theo n 6 appin things local. a preview of things made in philade >you. your accuweather forecast is up next at noon.
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6 abc is getting into the spirit of the season. join us tonight for a philadelphia celebrates the
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holidays. cecily tynan and rick williams will host a magical night. featuring the amazing new deck the hall light show and other festive celebrations, it starts at 7:30 here on 6 abc. >> i may sing tonight. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like spring time ♪ it will be a nice evening. >> you can wear your shorts. you like to do that. >> we want people to watch -- >> nice and mild out there tonight. a good night for it. let look at stormtracker 6 live double scan hey it feels great outside and we are looking for precipitation and not finding any and the next chance of rain is tomorrow night and another day to deal with sunshine. lets go outside and see what is looks like now and sky 6 hd taking a beautiful picture of the center city skyline with the temple university camera and hard pressed to find a cloud out there. a beautiful afternoon to start. here is your forecast
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highlights, nice and warm today. a good one well above average. the next shot for showers is thursday night into early friday morning. they will be out of there by dawn. it does turn cooler by saturday and a little change in the seven-day forecast for now we are sitting pretty at 63 degrees and the dew point 34 degrees and not a lot of moisture and 21 miles per hour and breezy and we are feeling that now. the winds are in the process of switching and now pumping up the warmer air and switching to the northwest and you'll see the different in the forecast as we show you the hour trends and visibility is no issue. here is satellite and radar, we are watching the weak front pushing through the area it's moisture starved not bringing rain just clouds coming through the area and shifts winds through the northwest and nice and mild and temperatures start to drop a bit earlier today than we normally see and here with
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you see that over the next 12 hours, 2:00 61 and 4:00 in the upper 50s and still lots of sunshine, it's a really nice afternoon. the evening hours at 6:00 down to the 50s and 8:00 you'll be at 48 degrees and feeling chilly by then and 10:00, 44 and midnight 49 and 30s overnight and tonight and early tomorrow morning. it will be chillier than it was last night. temperatures only getting into 30 in some of the suburbs and 37 in the city under mostly clear skies, the chillier air comes back for you tonight. and then we watch ahead with future tracker 6 showing a bit of showers moving through then is looking at 11:30 thursday night. and we watched the showers, this model showing more pronounced than earlier. and 4:00 in the morning light rain is spreading through the region and quickly moves out of here by 9:00 10:00, an issue overnight thursday into the predawn hours on friday. and sunshine and clouds tomorrow. 55 degrees for your high with
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the front that comes through. here is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's breezy and mild. 64 degrees, and normally 51 and clouds and sunshine and a bit cooler and 55. showers thursday night we welcome december with sunshine and nice high of 63. and the first weekend of december, 50 on saturday and cool but sunday mild again, 55 degrees and monday partly sunny skies and 53. and by tuesday mostly cloudy and 56 and that is our next chance for a little bit of drizzle at night. overall the seven-day forecast is really dry and a winner of a day for sure today. >> thank you. now is your chance to own a piece of philadelphia history that comes with the very special blessing. the archdiocese of philadelphia announced they are auctioning off the second of two fiats used by pope francis in 2015. the especially designed cars
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were outfitted by the u.s. secret service and outthe auction runs through december 20th and benefit the catholic charities. and up ahead there is not one but two markets in center city where you can shop for your holiday gifts and the items are made by mostly local artists. and a big part of many people's childhoods mr. rogers and now the story about the hit show is being told on the big screen. those stories and more when we come right back.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams sara bloomquist and murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for on "action news" at 12:30. ike lifts gather to pro demand changes after a bicyclist was killed by a trash truck in center city. and nbc news anchor matt lauer has been fired after filing a complaint about alleged misconduct. identified the bicyclist killed after being hit by a intent center ciyclists calling for for bike lanes. has the story. >> the line stretched more than a block, protesters creating a human between the bike
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and traffic lanes on spruce near theitef a fatal accidetruck. >> we are putting our bodies in the space where we are a
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